Investment Process

Investment Account Management

As an independent registered investment advisor (RIA), Benedict Financial Advisors, Inc. provides individualized fee-based investment account management. Our investment strategy focuses on the creation and implementation of a plan that strives to produce a growing stream of income leading up to, and throughout, one’s retirement years, while attempting to protect purchasing power.
We use specialized independent research to help make our investment decisions. We do not use consumer media information (magazines, television shows or radio programs) or research provided by large sales organizations to make our investment decisions. We believe it is necessary to keep an investment account current and in-tune with the markets and economic conditions, but fixed required changes are not the answer. Our on-going evaluations are accomplished through office investment meetings and scheduled account reviews.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy centers on what we can control.

Things We Can Control:

  • Income
  • Diversification
  • Holding Periods
  • Size of Individual Positions
Things We Can’t Control:

  • World Events
  • Stock Market Fluctuations
  • Interest Rates

Our Beliefs

While we believe it is impossible to accurately predict the future, we also realize that we can’t blindly use past performance to make future assumptions. Investment success is not about making accurate predictions. It is about following the right principals. Good investment management is about applying common sense with some fundamental forward-looking analyses to make prudent judgements for the purpose of accumulating, growing and protecting wealth. The “game” is not to beat the market, but to help clients identify and pursue their financial goals.

We work hard at bringing financial contentment to our clients

We choose simplicity over complexity

We invest by looking forward, not backwards

Our focus is long-term

We always put our clients’ interest above our own