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We are an Atlanta based Registered Investment Advisor focusing on fee-based Investment Management and Retirement Income Planning.

We are a team committed to serving our clients’ best interest. As an independent, privately owned Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we are not dependent on a large brokerage house or sales organization for investment decisions. This allows our team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals to work in a fiduciary capacity, putting our clients’ interests before our own. Our passion and our structure are devoted to our clients’ financial success.

Rather than work for a large sales organization where we might be encouraged to push higher commission products, be forced to meet monthly quotas and spend most of our time soliciting; we prefer to work for our clients, take responsibility for account management, do our own research and manage investments best suited for each specific client.

Our firm’s Investment Advisory Committee dictates our investment strategies and we personally make all the investment decisions for our client accounts. Our advice also encompasses the importance of structuring client assets so they eventually empower – rather than enable – their heirs.

We use a team approach to provide clients with not just one advisor, but rather a team of professionals who are all involved and able to assist and answer questions. This not only ensures thorough planning insight; it also reinforces our value that all clients are clients of the firm as a whole.