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Our clients are individuals who want or need help managing their financial lives. Our client focus is not on a particular niche industry, such as doctors or pilots. Rather, our clients tend to have various backgrounds including small business owners, corporate executives, engineers, teachers and farmers, just to name a few.

Even though our firm has always been in the Sandy Springs area just north of Atlanta, we have clients all over the country. Many clients have relocated through the years because of their career or family, but we have continued working with them. In today’s world, geography is not a hurdle to maintaining client relationships.

Many of our clients accumulated their wealth through their retirement plans at work, others inherited a portion of their wealth, some sold a business or real estate and others just plain spent less than they earned for many years. Because of their wealth, they now have some financial control over their future.

We do not have an absolute minimum account size we will consider for potential clients; however, we do expect them to have the financial resources to implement the desired planning objectives.