How We Began

By Philip C. Benedict, CFP®
I grew up neither financially poor, nor rich, but I did grow up in a culture that was very rich in values and work ethic and a lust to learn. For that I am far more thankful than for any financial inheritance.

I grew up in a rural community and, at age ten, my classroom was in a one room county schoolhouse. I remember going up and asking the teacher, “If the country is short of money, why don’t they just print more of it?” She replied, “Philip, you know I don’t know the answer to that; ask your father when you get home.”

A few years later, I remember asking my father what all those stock market tables were behind the sport sections in the newspaper. “Those are things that rich people read,” he responded.

During my college years, I assisted a finance professor in developing the training course for a major stock brokerage firm. I knew then I loved the aspects of finance, but there was no way I was going to spend my life calling strangers and telling them I had a great investment for them.

For a few years after college, I helped people set up their own businesses. For most, this was an entirely new experience…from employee to self-employed…from being controlled to being in control, but with all the corresponding responsibilities. We had a plan on how to create a successful business and that plan helped.

A Good Plan Strives to Create a High Degree of Success.
I had my father invest for the first time… I had a plan that he would invest his rather modest funds quarterly into the stock market over a two-year period. After the first quarter, the market took a big drop. He never invested the remainder of his funds. I realized then that I had a plan, but he didn’t.

The term “financial planning” was new in the late 1970’s as I began putting together the pieces that became Benedict Financial Advisors. I didn’t know how it would be structured at that time, but I knew I wanted to help people take control of their financial lives and enjoy the power and confidence that follows.

A Strong and Knowledgeable Team
I struggled some during the 1980’s as the industry was still wed to selling commission products. By the early 1990’s, the technology became available so we could charge fees for our services and not be bound to the large sales organizations.

Benedict Financial has evolved into a strong and knowledgeable team committed to our clients’ financial well-being. Currently, there are five others who share my same passion and dedication to serving our clients.

Our clients are real people with real financial concerns. We help clients take control as they prepare for retirement, seek to create a secure, predictable retirement income and pass their wealth on to their family. And, we try to help them concentrate on passing their values on to their heirs…which is more powerful than the tangible wealth.