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Member of the Financial Planning Association

I started my college career at Duke University and after a couple of years I realized my pragmatic nature would be better suited with a business education rather than a liberal arts education. I then transferred to Bowling Green University in Ohio. There I was fortunate to be able to teach three undergraduate courses covering stock market strategy, investments and financial statement analysis. I also developed, in conjunction with one of the professors, the technical portion of the account executives training course for one of the major stock brokerage firms. I also assisted my professor in writing two college textbooks on the stock market. In 1968, I received a B.S. degree in Business Administration with specialty degrees in Investments and Finance. The following year I received an Associate’s Degree in Real Estate Investments from the University of Toledo. It was obvious I was destined for a career in personal finance.

I spent most of my twenties working for a major income tax return preparation firm generally serving the dual role of supervisor and technical tax advisor. It was in this role that I realized many people were in need of good financial advice.

Benedict Financial Advisors, Inc. was created in 1980. I am very proud to say that what started as a one-man show has now grown into a group of individuals who share my commitment to our clients and have the same lust to learn all they can about the industry. The team has a passion to help our clients pursue financial independence and the contentment that comes with it.