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Retirement Income Planning involves identifying the different sources of potential retirement income and estimating the amount of monthly cash flow you may expect to receive from those sources. The purpose of creating a retirement income plan is to determine how much monthly income you will have relative to your needs, wants, expenses, and lifestyle.

We work with our clients to formulate an income plan for their retirement. We look at our clients’ overall picture to determine all of their retirement income sources, such as 401(k)’s, pension plans, social security benefits, IRA distributions, annuity payments, investment account withdrawals, etc. We help our clients answer the following questions:

  • How much income will I need in retirement?
  • From what sources will I receive retirement income?
  • How can I protect my retirement income from inflation?
  • What are the best withdrawal strategies for my assets?

Another key area we help our clients with is Social Security Planning. Many clients have questions about taking Social Security, such as:

  • When should I start taking Social Security?
  • When should my spouse start taking Social Security benefits?
  • I’m still working, what happens if I start taking Social Security?
  • What happens to our benefits when one spouse dies?

Social Security planning is very complex and there are many different claiming strategies that can be implemented depending on a clients’ situation. We work closely with our clients to determine the most effective strategy for them.